Nirmala Gramin Yojna

This is a National Program aimed at improving hygiene and sanitation in rural areas.

Under this program, families of rural areas are assisted for construction of toilets.

The Trust has constructed over 500 toilets under this program

Sarala Ole

In most of the houses in rural areas, Oles (oven) are constructed without a chimney or an outlet pipe for smoke to go out of the kitchen. The entire house is filled with smoke and this leads to respiratory tract infection for the entire family.

Sarla Ole is a fuel-efficient oven, which not only saves time but also fuel. The Trust has constructed over 4000 sarla oles in the Project area, which was funded by Zilla Panchayath, Chamarajanagar & GIVE INDIA. (Giving Impetus to Voluntary Effort).

Two villages (Chikkahundi & Srikantapura) were made smoke free, wherein all the beneficiaries in the village have 'sarala ole'.


CAPART has funded twice for the Project "Environmental Sanitation Program". Under these programs, 300 toilets, 650 compost pits, 150 soak pits, 600 kitchen gardens & 50 acres of horticulture have been developed. Construction of soak pit, compost pit & toilets will help the families to have a clean environment to live in. Kitchen garden and horticulture will benefit the entire family to get nutritional/additional food supplements & also increase their income. Thus the individual as well as the community environment improves.

Multi-Purpose Workers

Multi Purpose Workers are volunteers selected by the community & the organization. These MPWs act as a bridge between the community & the organization. These are usually Boys/Girls who are unemployed & have studied Std X. They are paid a stipend by the organization. They help the SHGs' by monitoring, creating awareness, writing books of SHGs' & implementing programs. These MPW's undergo regular training, meet once a month to review & plan their work. Almost all the villages have MPW's.

On an experimental basis, 6 MPW's were selected, thoroughly trained and were asked to supervise work in 3 - 6 villages. Some of them have also been trained to audit books of accounts of SHGs independently & they help the staff during audit. This experiment has been partially fruitful as some of these MPW's have been able to do the work beyond expectation. However, they still need to be trained which we will be focusing during the coming years.