Rural Education :


Adopt-a-Child's Education (ACE)

Most of the students of Vinayaka Gnana Vidya Shala are poor. IHDUA has been primarily supporting the school with some help from individuals / organizations for textbooks, uniforms etc. The 'ACE' program is a platform for individuals / organizations to come forward and sponsor the education of one child of the school. The contribution will support the costs of books, uniforms, shoes, etc, for the child.

ACE program cost is Rs.800/- per year per child, Rs.8000/- one ime contribution on a particular student to take his/her from elementary through high school (10th standard).

Support infrastructure needs of rural schools:

Most schools in rural areas are characterized by lack of infrastructure like classrooms, laboratory, furniture, library, lack drinking water and sanitation facilities, and inadequate teachers. IHDUA provides infrastructure support to rural schools in Mysore and Gundlupet Taluks depending on their needs. You can support this activity by donating in units of Rs. 10,000 ($125)

Other Activities :

Sarla ole (fuel efficient oven) :

To prevent Respiratory Tract Infection especially to women and children in rural areas, you can help 4 families by donating Rs. 800/- ($15) for construction of one unit of fuel efficient stove (earthen stove)

Sponsor Kitchen Garden Kits for Rural Families :

As part of the Project "Access to Women's Health Services", BCCHI, a sister trust of IDDUA carried out screening of 40,269 women and surveying 94,102 households, It was found that 72% of the women are anemic (Hb<10gm). This indicates low nutritional status due to non-availability of resources and lack of knowledge about use of existing local nutrients.To supplement their diet, women are encouraged to develop kitchen gardens. A kitchen garden kit consisting of assorted seeds of vegetables and fruits is given to every family.Kitchen Gardens will ensure a healthy diet for these women and good health for their families as well. A small donation of Rs.900/- ($20) will help 6 families to overcome anemia.

Support a needy SHG group :

Revolving fund is required for SHG members, as economic empowerment is the key. The revolving fund will be used as capital to revolve among the group members (SHG) for developing small enterprises. Donation can be given in units of Rs.25, 000 ($560) for supporting a needy SHG. Revolving loan fund to SHG’s in multiples of Rs.10000/- (per unit)

Training SHG Representatives :

A group of 30 Self Help Group (SHG) representatives (15 SHGs) can be trained to run their SHGs efficiently and smoothly by donating Rs. 4000/- ($90) for one session of 2 days

Agro Service Centre :

You can make a big difference for the development of rural economy by donating Rs.200, 000/- ($4450), which will help agricultural families in setting up latest agricultural implements like latest ploughs, cultivators, de-weeders, threshers, harvesters, etc.

Vocational training :

Most of the rural women depend on agriculture and animal husbandry activities. In order to provide alternate employment various vocational training programs are mentioned below. You can provide employment for rural youth and women by donating

ActivityAmount (Rs.)Amount in US $No. Of beneficiariesDuration of Training (Months)Earning per month (Rs.
Tailoring Training 25,000 560 20 - 25 girls 6 300 to
Nursing Training 100,000 2225 20 girls/boys 24 2,000 to
Security Training 100,000 2225 20 boys 5 2,500 to
Carpentry Training 30,000 670 10 boys 2 1,500 to
Gardeners Training 25,000 560 20 boys 2 1,500 to
Driving Training 25,000 560 10 boys 1 1/2 2,000 to
Agarbathi Making 15,000 335 15 women 1 1/2 600 to

Donate to the Corpus :

For executing all the activities of IHDUA (Rural Literacy, Women Empowerment, Vocation Training, Integrated Rural Development, etc.) administrative cost like salaries of field staff, vehicle, stationary, travel utilities, communication, etc., is needed. You can help by donating in units of Rs.10, 000 ($225) to this corpus fund.

For all the above donations a detailed report along with photograph will be submitted to the donor. Contributions to IHDUA are tax exempt under Section 80g in India and 501 (C3) in USA.

Please send your contribution by at par cheque/demand draft in favour of "INTERNATIONAL HUMAN DEVELOMENT & UPLIFTMENT ACADEMY PAYABLE AT MYSORE.

Important information about your donation:

Donations to IHDUA are exempt from 50% tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Tax exemption is in India.

501 (C3) in the United States.

All funds/donations raised by IHDUA are allocated to child education, Women Empowerment and Health and Hygiene endeavors depending on the need on the ground.

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Donation Refund Policy

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