Real Projects… Real Experience! Inter with IHDUA, gain valuable International Experience, and discover the real rural India.

Terms: Summer and all year round (For teaching internship: only June – February)

Duration of Program: 2 - 4 Weeks, 5 - 8 Weeks, and 3 - 6 months

Dates: Starts the first of every month

Qualifications: All participants must have an open mind, a strong concern for helping rural children and women. The specific interests and skills of participants and the needs of the local community determine development projects and placements.

Age Range: 18+

Description: Customized NGO Internships based on your skills and the needs of the community. IHDUA Internships combine individual and group development projects with interaction with rural people, rural children, cultural immersion, and adventure. Internship areas include:

Take the time to explore South India, live in the royal city of Mysore or to live amongst rural India, while improving the lives of people in rural communities. Join IHDUA for the journey and experience of a lifetime

Cost: (in US$) 750 dollars

Cost Includes:

 Pick-up and drop off at Bangalore International Airport/Railway Station

 In country orientation

 Full room and board

 Local translators

 Staff support

 One day local excursion

 Three day free bus fare in the city limits

 Basic medical care

 Doctor and Ambulance on call – 24 hours

Internship Opportunities

1. Title: Women’s Empowerment


Duration: All year round (minimum) 4 weeks

Job Description:

 Visiting and studying the Self-Help Groups

 Learning Indian culture and working with rural women in their household chores (cooking, learning to draw rangolis, collecting water, milching cows, etc.)

 Teaching English from Kannada to women and school children

 Learning Kannada

 Planting trees

 Help create kitchen gardens

 Help construct toilets

2. Title: Environment Planning


Duration: All year round (minimum) 4 weeks

Job Description:

 Avenue Planting

  Creating, Implementing, and Maintaining Community Development Activities (sarle ole – smokeless ovens, Compost Pits, Soak Pits, etc)

  Rainwater harvesting

  Developing Kitchen Gardens

  Construction of toilets

  Be a communication medium between the organization and community to improve the land, environment, and surroundings

3. Title: Community Development


Duration: All year round (minimum) 4 weeks

Job Description:

  Construction of Community Centre, pre-schools and schools

  Construction of toilets, soakpit, compost pit

  Visit and observe the micro-credit programs

 Take part in the women’s self help groups in the surrounding villages

  Participate in community and village development activities

4. Title: Primary and Secondary Education


Duration: June - January (minimum) 4 weeks

Job Description:

  Teaching English to rural students

  Conducting a workshop with the teachers on how to teach English effectively

  English Skills in story telling, playing games, performing plays, reciting poems, singing songs, etc.

  Teach children and teachers about new sports and games

  Give exposure to teachers and children about education abroad

  Conduct a leadership-training course for teachers and students

  Train teachers and students in arts/crafts

  Create art/crafts projects that cater to the appropriate standard and age

  Teach the students and teachers healthy exercises

  Conducting tuitions for students

  To hold a sports day event

5. Title: Internship in Hospital


Duration: All year round (minimum) 4 weeks

Job Description:

  Learning to register and assess the patient according to the socio-economic status

  Counseling patients and their families with the social worker

  Work in the laboratory – learning to do blood grouping, Hb, etc.

  Watch different surgeries being conducted

  Learning the multiple steps of patient care

  Work in the wards with nurses

  Visit rural health camps and clinics

6. Title: Rural Health Care

Duration: All year round (minimum) 4 weeks

Job Description:

  Conduct surveys on malnourished children, pregnant and lactating mothers, infant and maternal mortality, etc.

  Conduct rural health camps

  Help and monitor malnourished children

  Registering and giving medicines to the patients during the health camps

  Travelling with the mobile cancer clinic

 Conduct awareness programs and educate the local communities (especially women and school children) on preventive health care

7. Title: Intern in Journalism

Duration: All year round (minimum) 4 weeks

Job Description:

  Learn and work in local newspaper

  Collecting news and information directly from the public on different incidents with reporters of the newspaper

  Learning the process of collecting to printing news in the local newspaper

  Write articles on different topics based on your experience in the community

  Participate and follow the newspaper reporters and learn the way Indian Press works

8. Title: Intern in Rural Agriculture Practices


Duration: All year round (minimum) 4 weeks

Job Description:

  Learning agricultural practices of different crops grown in Karnataka

  Visiting farmer’s fields and observing their daily activities along with studying their crops

  Interacting with the farmers

  Giving exposure of agricultural practices to local farmers about crops grown in their home country

 Learn zero farming and its practices

Please Note: Internships can be created/modified according to the needs of the interns. IHDUA feels internships should offer the greatest amount of knowledge for all interns and give them the best opportunity one can get.

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Global Routes, a non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian organization based in USA. They are an education-focused organization that emphasis community service as a vehicle for creating cross-cultural connections. Students live in communities with host families & in so doing, gain an understanding about their daily life & learn about the culture of host families

Global Routes visited the field office with a group of 14 High School / college students (12 girls & 2 boys) with 2 leaders (supervisor) during July 2006. They stayed 14 days in Chikkundi village with 8 host families, who were members of SHG's. They discussed with the community along with the IHDUA staff, the Projects that could be taken up in their village. The following Projects were planned.

 Planting of Avenue Trees (100 samples)

 Construction of Community Centers

 Development of Herbal Garden in 14 houses

 Mural of the World Map in the school’s premises

 Teaching in Chikkundi and Dossahundi Government Middle School (Class V – VII)

All the above Projects were successfully completed within 14 days (except for construction of community center which took 20 days). These were just tangible programs but the most important achievement in this program was the emotional bond between the host families, community & the students. Each host families were sad when they bid farewell. It was surprising that within less than a fortnight, such a bond could develop.

During this year (Fy – 2008) f our high school students from USA came for internship program. The focus of the students was on developing the individual student through the experience of working, traveling and living together as a group & learning through experience the life of rural India. These students worked in Kodgapura, C.V. Pura, attended health camps, & participated in community action programs like construction of compost pits, soak pit, toilet construction & developing kitchen gardens. They also took classes in Mullur school. They stayed in the project area for a fortnight.

One of the intern (M.Jacob) & group leader Ms.Rajini, from Global Routes, USA, who had come in 2006 also came with their family during this year and visited his foster family in Chickhundi. The most important outcome of this program (internship) was the bond, which develops between the host family and the interns.

Apart from this, we have 4 college students & team leader from Canada who stayed with 5 families in Hasgulli village for almost 6 weeks to study Indian culture and way of life of rural India. The theme of the program was on ‘Rehearsal for Reality’, a play to realize and overcome the problems of the individual as well as community.