10th Grade Exam Results

The results of the 10th grade Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) exam were released to the public on 30 April. Thirty-five of our students at the Mullur School took the test, and we are thrilled to report a summary of their performance here.

SSLC Exam Results

  • 100% passing rate
  • With distinction: 6 students (5 girls and 1 boy)
  • First class: 23 students (10 girls and 13 boys)
  • Second class: 5 students (2 girls and 3 boys)
  • Third class: 1 boy

With the successful completion of this exam, these students are concluding their final year with us at the Mullur School. We wish each of them the very best, and look forward to following their progress to come.