10th Grade Exam Results

The results of the 10th grade Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) exam were released to the public on 30 April. Thirty-five of our students at the Mullur School took the test, and we are thrilled to report a summary of their performance here. SSLC Exam Results 100% passing rate With

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We are making a documentary

IHDUA is collaborating with HCG, a cancer care specialist, to support Indian tobacco farmers who are ready to make the switch to alternative crops that are healthy, environmentally responsible and economically viable. With help from supporters like you, we will produce a companion documentary that follows their journey and explores

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Our new website is live

We are happy to announce that the new website is online! It replaces a custom-coded site that served us for the past five years. Thanks to WordPress, by bringing website maintenance fully in-house, our team can quickly publish information about the IHDUA’s activities via project pages, blog posts and

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