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Women Empowerment

Microfinance Initiative

IHDUA’s Microfinance Initiative enables rural women to drive financial decision-making by accessing loans at competitive rates, which they may use for health, education and livelihood needs.

Vocational Training

IHDUA operates a vocational training program in tailoring and folk crafts that encourages village women to learn and practice a commercially valuable trade in order to support their family’s income growth.

Rural Education

Mullur School

The Vinayaka Gnana Vidya Shale is a kindergarten through 10th grade rural private school that provides quality educational instruction to a student body of more than 400 children each year.

Adarsha Academy

The Adarsha Academy is a kindergarten through 8th grade rural private school that provides full-time instruction to 50 children from seven villages near the Krishnarajasagara (KRS) Dam.



IHDUA’s horticulture program delivers seeds and saplings to farmers in order to enhance dietary diversity, support the production of commercially valuable crops, and increase long-term groundcover.

Rural Sanitation

We work with community members to build the infrastructure and practices required to safely dispose of human waste, capture grey water, and convert raw organic material into valuable, life-giving compost.