Our Mission

IHDUA partners with local stakeholders to improve the quality of life, economic vitality and spirit of inclusion in rural Indian communities.

Our Priorities

Women Empowerment

We create opportunities for women to enhance their decision-making power in all aspects of life so that they may claim their rightful recognition as equal stakeholders in the communities where they live.

Rural Education

We deliver quality education to remote villages so that rural children may become informed and engaged citizens who value their stake in society.


We provide resources to preempt and combat emergent and chronic illnesses so that rural families may access the healthcare tools and knowledge that form a prerequisite for sustainable community development.

Collaborative Action

IHDUA works locally to design programs that address community-identified needs. Wherever possible, we implement our initiatives using a local workforce in order to promote community ownership of both solutions and outcomes. We also connect the communities where we operate with the wider world by creating opportunities for like-minded individuals and organizations to participate through donation and volunteer programs. Along the way, we openly publish the results of all of our initiatives, and encourage our partners to join us in seeking ways to continuously enhance the impact and reach of our activities.